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Welcome to Mankato

Water Quality Information

This pamphlet lists water quality information for the City of Mankato. It includes limited details on the source and quality parameters - and how our water compares to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state standards.

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City Ordinances Article

You can contact the city by mail at:

217 S. High Street

Mankato, Kansas, 66956

or call us at 785-378-3141


City of Mankato
Our Mission

The City of Mankato is a small tight knit community located in the heart of Jewell County Kansas. It has a long rich history since its formation as Jewell Center in 1872. Did you know that Mankato Kansas was named after Mankato Minnesota? It has always been a home of the friendliest people in Kansas. If you want a good conversation with a friendly smile visit Mankato. Mankato is the County Seat for Jewell County. Visit our Community and Senior Center, Museum, and many shops downtown. Take in a movie at our historic Ute Theatre. The best source of information is our Chamber of Commerce. Visit our Chamber of Commerce web site at for information on businesses, real-estate, and many events. We believe this city is a very good place to raise a family with low crime rates and a very good school system.
The City of Mankato’s primary mission taking care of the Citizens. Our elected officials strive to ensure the best services are provided 24/7. Our administrative, water, sewer, streets, and electrical staff are some of the best qualified employees in the State of Kansas. The small staff of Mankato must wear many hats to accomplish the goals of the governing body and its citizens. They are true public servants and take pride in keeping their city operating by providing essential services to the public such as clean available water, sewer collection, uninterrupted electrical service, and administrative support. Our mission is to grow and provide opportunities for our citizens and their families.

Located in rural north central Kansas, Mankato is the county seat of Jewell County.  We are always happy  to see new people!


The Landbank of Mankato may be assist you towards improving our community!  Please click on the link below to see how!